Brendan A fine boat that guarantees a delightful and varied way of spending your leisure time.

A boat that can be towed on a trailer, is of lightweight construction, is simple to launch and will be ready to go in no time.

A boat with excellent sailing qualities, whereby the modern rig fits in beautifully with the classic lines of the hull. It's also easy to sail single-handedly.

You want quality and durable materials that are environment-friendly and don't need much maintenance.

The price must remain competuive by doing the essential well and doing away with the frills.

A boat that is suited to a large variety of waterways, from city canal, river or lake to the flats or coastal waters.

A boat that you as the designer and builder would be happy to take to the water with yourselves.

A boatbuilder and a sculptor accepted the challenge set by these basic demands when they decided to build a 6.25m sailing cabin cruiser.

The result was a boat full of character, built for adventure, a boat to enjoy and to love. A boat that will leave the crowds far behind, literally and figuratively.

The name "brendan" refers to the adventurous monk who explored many northern european coasts in the 6th century.

All that was good in the past as far as fine lines and quality materials are concerned has been applied as much as possible in the design and construction of the brendan.

 Some characteristics Gunther rig- this centuries old sail has been derived from the cat sail and does not come with a boom. And by placing the mast further forward, a foresail has also become unnecessary. The chinese have known the slatted sail for hundreds of years, but new materials and modern science created a sail that gives a lot of lift and converts wind directly into speed. This rig allows greater trimming possibilities, so the sail will be as efficient as possible on a variety of course angles. By providing plenty of sail area at the top, you can catch the wind sailing on canals and rivers surrounded by trees.
 Little maintenance Most sailors prefer to spend their spare time sailing rather than sanding and polishing their boats. By using durable materials, the need for maintenance is kept to a minimum. Vinylester (no osmosis) and polyester have been used in combination with teak and bronze.
 Sporty When your boat is relatively small, it's essential you use every inch of space available. The cabin acts as a storage area and offers room for two adults to sit and sleep. The benches in the roomy cockpit allows six people to sit in comfort, making even long trips a pleasure. By making use of the tent option, overnight accommodation can be doubled. The benches contain drawers that can be ingeniously set up to create a galley. The deep cockpit provides excellent protection in all weathers and even if there is a lot of wind, barely any water manages to get in.

 You can tow it on a trailer By using water ballast and light, strong materials, weight has been kept low so that the boat can be towed by a medium- sized car. Because the mast has no stays, and there is no boom and no foresail, the boat is also quickly ready to get underway.
 Waterways You can explore unfamiliar waters, simply by adapting the boat to your needs of the moment. Take the mast down and you can chug around the canals as a launch. Explore shallow lakes with your dagger board drawn up. The ijssellake, the wadden sea and foreign coastal waters give the boat the chance to show what it is capable of on open water.
 Environment Conditions maintained during construction meet all environmental standards. The teak comes from plantations. The boat has ~ built in a way that easily allows you to put in an electric motor. , the cabin hatch has purposely been made wide, among other things to give you the option of installing a solar panel to recharge the battery.