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 Elegant Catamaran

We designed an elegant catamaran with a flat bed for a caravan to roll on to. Once in position the caravan is secured on the centre of the ramp and the deck is closed off with an adjustable walk around. The design ensures maximum stability by locating the main buoyancy at the maximum width.

The caravan boat is fitted with a roof that has a natural canvas look, providing shade and protection. The roof is supported on telescopic poles to provide space when the caravan is placed on board. The roof is lifted while the caravan rolls on or off and lowered when the caravan is in position, protecting the caravan and the walk around against the weather. The deck is surrounded by a 75 cm high canvas covered stainless railing. A windowscreen protects the steering position. The enclosure is designed to provide maximum safety on board, especially with young children in mind.

The central ramp is fitted with two telescopic aluminium perforated ramps of 2 meter length to allow easy embarking. At the bow of the boat there is a comfortable steering position with a clever steering console that can be placed in all positions. The steering position adapts to accommodate various lengths of caravans from 4.70 meter up to 6 meter length.
A spacious walk around of 1.20 m surrounds the boat and the aft of the boat has a comfortable platform where the two outboard engines are fixed. The transoms have small swimming platforms with a swimming ladder.

Inside the catamaran hull there is a fuel tank holder, a wastewater tank and a battery case . The caravan boat is made out of reinforced fiberglass with a galvanized steel centre ramp with aluminium telescopic ramp plates. A big fender rope mounted all around the hull, 10 cm above the waterline for maximum protection. A rubber rubrail prevents any damages.

 Camping on the waterfront

We can imagine a host of new recreational experiences using the caravan boat. It could make camping sites near the waterfront even more attractive, offering their clients not only a beautiful place for land based recreation but also a few days cruising on the water. The caravan boat can also be used on its own as a party boat or as starting boat for sail races or as a catering boat. Or even as a small transport boat.